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Enjoy a stocking full of Holiday Goodies!

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Are you ready to give to yourself this festive season?

with a full and grateful heart I offer these gifts to you

Image by Superkitina

50 min Yoga Holiday Stretch Release video

Has all the holiday eating made you feel sluggish? 

Or perhaps the endless entertaining, gift buying, decorating and cooking has you exhausted and burnt out?

Maybe you've been focusing on everyone else but yourself and you just need a few moments to squirrel away some feel good time that's all about you. 

Enjoy a 50 minute beginner-friendly gentle yoga flow that warms the body, stills the mind and helps you feel centered despite the holiday frenzy.

Give yourself the gift of presence so that you can make the most of this holiday season!


And the gifts keep on coming...

Image by Mariana Rascão
FITYOGA Flyer (Instagram Post (Portrait)).png
FITYOGA Flyer (Instagram Post (Portrait)).png

Looking ahead to next year... 

Want to start the year off with a bang? 

How many of us start off the new year with an intention to do more exercise?

I'm introducing my new FITYOGA class for those who want an in-person yoga class that packs a punch. It's a fun, invigorating mashup of...well, everything! We'll start out strong with a mix of HIIT, cardio, pilates, power yoga and then finish with some blissful deep stretches. 

If this is not for you, don't worry I'll be launching new group classes and other wellbeing enhancing experiences in 2023. So stay tuned!

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Are you ready to makes some big shifts in 2023?

Why stop there...

give yourself the ultimate gift!


What if this was the year you said yes to radically changing your relationship with yourself?

What if I were to tell you the thing you've been avoiding, numbing and distracting yourself from is the path forward?

That the pain you feel, the stuckness, the disconnect was not the problem, even more than just a symptom, but part of the solution?

Your body's way of speaking to you and saying 'look here, I need you.' Your body's wisdom trying to direct you to a more aligned path. 

I know, you've heard it all before  - 'to lean into the discomfort'. To be vulnerable. But when you've tried it, all you get is more pain.

It feels like you're wallowing in helplessness and you're not really getting anywhere.

You despair that it will always be this way. 

You know all the things you should be doing but you just don't do them. 

Or when you do them, they don't seem to work. You feel like a failure. 

You internally rail at having to do things a certain, 'prescribed' or 'right' way. 

You're exhausted by the societal pressures to do this, be that, prove yourself - it's all too much.

You yearn for something that's truer, that's soul led. That's you. 

In your clearest moments, you've felt it. The vibrancy, the aliveness, the inner alignment, your creative power, spirit moving through you. 

What if you could do it differently? Do it your way.

Take a radical path forward that doesn't have you 'fixing' yourself, pretending, faking or forcing. 

Instead, you'd feel the deeply embodied truth of who you really are. You'd feel lightness, ease, simplicity, fun and genuine joy. 

And even more than that, you'd connect to your power, your intuitive knowing, your courage, your confidence, your capacity to create a life that is brimming with real life magic.   

What if you allowed yourself to believe all this was possible and took the steps to make it happen?  

If this speaks to you, why not take the bold step and schedule a Discovery call with me today.

Image by Superkitina

Commit to Yourself
Let this be your YEAR of COURAGE!

Book before the end of Jan 2023 to receive a 30% discount on a 3-month coaching package* 

*You can choose to begin your 3-month coaching package at any time once you've booked your first discovery call and paid in full.

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Image by Luke Besley

One last thing..

If you received this link, you're more than likely someone I know. Maybe a dear friend, a client, a former student or just someone who left an impression on me. So let me begin by saying thank you! I truly believe life is built on the quality of our relationships. The people we learn from, the people who inspire us, the people we share with, laugh with, cry with, those that contribute to us and allow us to contribute to them. It's a crazy magical web that we're all weaving together. And all of our unique voices are needed. So thank you for being part of my journey, my story... our collective story. 

Also, please know that I'm not here to sell you any 'perfect' solutions or the 'right way' to do anything. Everything I've shared is simply my offering to you. Take what resonates with you and keep charting your own unique path forward!

You ARE amazing! I say that not merely as a positive affirmation, but as an acknowledgement of the soul deep truth that we all constantly need reminding of. 

So here's to us all living our lives authentically, connected to our hearts, and courageously expressing all that's within us. 

With a heart brimming with gratitude, I wish you a love and joy filled holiday season!


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Image by Jonathan Knepper

So you've made it this far down the page and you're thinking this all sounds and looks really lovely but you don't really need these free gifts. And maybe you don't. And that's fine. I get it. There are so many videos, podcasts and books I keep saying I'm going to watch, listen and read but I never quite get to. And there's enough pressure from the external world about all the things we 'should' be doing. We should 'exercise', we 'should' meditate. I'd never want to add my voice to that cacophonous choir of 'must dos'. Our choices should come from a place of empowerment and nowhere else. 


However if you're honest with yourself and this is not your reason, if you actually do want to move and meditate but you're only stopping yourself because it sounds too good to be true, you can't believe it could actually do anything that would make a dent in all the stress you feel. Or perhaps you find it hard to imagine carving time out for you, you're saying to yourself 'that might be the case for other people with more free time on their hands, but they obviously don't live in your chaotic household'. Or you're feeling the shame and guilt of having perhaps done this before but having fallen off the bandwagon. You're thinking 'all these practices are well and good but if you're not doing them perfectly and consistently, you must be doing it wrong, so what's the point in a one-off session'. I could name any number of reasons we self-deceive and doubt the possibility of change. And more strikingly, why is it that when we feel the urge to do something for ourselves, we get the instant push back, we hesitate, we second-guess, we stop ourselves from making a choice that would align with what we need and what matters to us. 

I believe all of us suffer from chronically not listening to ourselves. Not following the nudges and prompts that say 'try this, say that, just do it, what have you got to lose?'. We feel these 'hits' all the time, something lands in our inbox at the right moment we need it. Our friend says exactly what we need to hear. We have exactly the thing someone is looking for and choose to share it. What if we were to take the radical stance of self-love by listening to our souls and hearts and courageously acting on what we hear. 

Maybe today, I'm not offering you something like that. But I hope to keep sharing so that one day I might do so. I might share the thing you needed to hear. Offer you the tip, the tool, the insight, the words, that speak to your heart, your soul. So if you know that's something you want more of from me, content that inspires you, that reconnects you to the best part of yourself, to the magic and mystery and goodness of life, then please feel free to sign up for that reason alone. 

Whether you choose to be plugged into my network or not, I encourage us all to surround ourselves with the voices, the people, the things, the experiences that speak to us, uplift us, inspire us, bring out the best in us!


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