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On retreat, in the "Beautiful by Nature" Turks and Caicos Islands, to rediscover your inner radiance. Reignite the aliveness that comes from connection with yourself, with others, the healing power of nature and the vibrancy of local culture.


In partnership with Dana Buchman, Creative Life Design coach, and former marketing executive at the likes of Disney, Apple and Mattel, we are thrilled to bring you a unique and innovative new retreat concept in meaningful tourism. Blending together wellness, coaching and development, and local culture, this retreat offers a special escape from the world to reset from the inside out. is invitation only, so please click "I'm interested" to apply.  Dates TBC.


August 2024

radiant by nature


4 NIGHTS        |        5 DAYS

Retreat to find yourself, to live your dreams, to inspire and be inspired, to embrace and be embraced in community, to learn about local culture and in the process learn more about yourself. Leave with clarity, focus, and purpose for your life path and the tools you need to live your dreams - to come fully alive. Support local culture and let the island vibes reunite you with your most authentic self. 

Image by Syd Sujuaan

We can't wait to share more about the luxurious accommodations and partner that will be revealed VERY soon!! What we can share is that it will be a 5 star, waterfront luxury accommodations and amenities - you will not be disappointed. Stay tuned!'s a secret!
Accommodation partner to be announced soon. 


We are focused on helping transform the lives of everyone we come into contact with and inspiring and empowering each of you to live your dreams. To come alive from within and experience the abundance, beauty and aliveness that is all around you. Meaningful tourism - that is to say, tourism that promotes deep connection, cares about vacationers as well as the local community, and aims to build a meaningful bridge of mutual understanding, joy, appreciation and celebration - is something wholly special and unique.


That's why our Retreat with Purpose is engaging with local communities to support them in living their dreams while supporting you to do the same. By participating in this retreat, you will not only be investing in yourself, but in the local communities that are the lifeblood of the Turks and Caicos Islands. The values listed below are the cornerstone of our work and we look for these qualities in the participants we select for this meaningful experience. 

Generosity + Abundance


Together we hold a mindset of abundance and never scarcity, fear or lack. We honor deep trust and generosity of thought, time, and resources, with collective faith in the flow of abundance for all. We always assume positive intent and hold sacred space for vulnerabilities, insecurities, and any suffering. We support each others' dreams and celebrate them as our own. 

Image by CK Yeo

Playfulness + Gratitude


We believe in the power of play. We never take ourselves too seriously and know that shared experiences with playfulness and laughter are valuable beyond measure. We embrace a childlike spirit and express deep gratitude throughout each experience. We are grateful for every opportunity to learn and grow, even if it's a bit uncomfortable from time to time. 

Image by CK Yeo

Open + Curious Worldview


We value, embrace, and appreciate unique differences in cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles. With an open mind and innocent curiosity, we ask questions to seek understanding, expand knowledge, and challenge our current beliefs. We believe that everyone deserves respect and that genuine openness and curiosity create opportunities for expansion and understanding.

Image by CK Yeo

Positive Impact


Together, we make the world a better place through positively impacting all the people, places, and environments we come into contact with. We are passionate about respecting and giving back to local people, culture, wildlife, land and seas at every opportunity and leave each interaction and experience with a positive imprint. 

Image by CK Yeo


An overview of the Retreat with Purpose including daily experiences are outlined here. These details are subject to change without notice at any time.



Welcome to the Beautiful by Nature Turks and Caicos Islands! Upon arrival, you'll settle into the retreat with a warm welcome by Lizzie and Dana including mindfulness exercises and intention-setting, along with some time to get acquainted with the resort, your hosts and fellow participants. A family-style dinner will be served alongside entertainment from one of the most fabulous local artists. 



Reflect on your past, uncover patterns, and explore the Turks and Caicos Islands. On Friday morning, you'll be divinely guided through a sunrise yoga class, followed by a nourishing breakfast and an interactive Creative Life Design session focused on reflections and inner-self work. After a quick snack, we'll head out on a boat excursion to enjoy lunch and explore the islands Moana-style, releasing anything that no longer serves us to the depths of the sea. We'll return to a cozy and delicious Caribbean dinner at the resort. 



Create your DREAM-Goals and immerse yourself in local culture with an excursion, Caribbean cuisine, and island artistry. On Saturday you'll awake to mindful morning movement, followed by a quick breakfast and powerful DREAM-Goal setting workshop. Afterwards, we'll venture out to a local floating bar with a delightful smorgasbord of local Caribbean cuisine and fun in the sun. Upon our return to the resort, you will be invited to a pop-up local artist  market to savor and shop with Turks and Caicos artists before heading out to a special dinner prepared just for us. 



Design your dream life and soak up Grace Bay beach, the #1 beach in the world for 10 consecutive years. Begin your day with invigorating movement and embodiment practices followed by a breakfast buffet and our final Creative Life Design workshop. In this session, you'll learn the non-linear system to bring your dreams into reality and gain the tools needed to bring your dreams into your day-to-day. You'll have everything you need to continue on this journey beyond the weekend retreat and into your daily lives. The afternoon includes free time at the resort and beach, or the option of booking from a selection of excursions with one of our most incredible local operators. We gather back together for our final dinner, followed by a special full moon beach moment. 



A final farewell to revisit our intentions, celebrate all we accomplished, and exchange contact details to stay in touch with the beautiful community we co-created. The morning begins with a final somatic movement and mindfulness exercise, followed by a bountiful brunch and final thoughts by Lizzie and Dana.  Together, we'll remind ourselves of the intentions we set for the weekend and celebrate all the incredible transformation and self-care we enjoyed together, before bringing the retreat to a close.

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