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Image by Annie Spratt

Holiday Goodies!

Yay! You listened to the nudge or maybe you just like free things - can't blame you, so do I!

Holiday Release Gentle Stretch

50 minute Yoga

Yoga to help you connect inwards and release any holiday stress that's been gripping your body. Leave feeling centered, refreshed and grounded to the true inner joy that this holiday season is all about!

Holiday Yoga Stretch Release

Holiday Yoga Stretch Release

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Holiday Meditation for

15 minute meditation

Attend to yourself with self-compassion so that you can open yourself up to your innate goodness. Connect authentically to what you're feeling so that you can hold space for all that is present with tenderness and grace. Observe how this expands your sense of self and your relationship to life. 

End of Year Celebration Journal_edited.jpg

Celebration Journal
for gratitude, joy and wisdom

This year was important.

Take time to acknowledge it's importance so that you can learn and grow from your experience.

Something happens when we reflect and ask ourselves powerful questions. Even if we don't consider ourselves writers, something in our subconscious gets unlocked when pen hits paper. So take the time to see what's brought forth by the journal prompts. Notice what you experience in your body and what new insights spring to your awareness. 

Move forward into next year feeling grateful, wiser and excited for what's next. 

Image by Annie Spratt
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