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About Us

Meet your fellow Wayfarers

Wellness beyond healing. 

Because healing is not the end point, it's only the beginning... 

Health and vitality to live the life you want

Be present and whole-hearted with those you care about

Passion and enthusiasm to experiment and explore all the good things life has to offer

Harness your strength so you can be bold and dare courageously 

Tap into boundless creativity 



Clarity of mind and focus to deliver on the impact you want to make in the world. 

We believe in community and growth. And we want to serve our community to be its best. we want to play our part in our world. In the future. 



We are


The premier destination for wellness in  the Turks and Caicos.

We are a team of seasoned wellness specialists.

Honed skills. More than a job, calling. 

We lead with the heart and from a deep seat of care.

We have dedicated our lives to health, wellness, growth and self-discovery.

We bring our unique gifts, personalities and expertise all in service to you. 

we  believe in living as a full spectrum human being and embrace our complexity and individualism

We believe life vitality and happiness. Nothing left on the table. 

We know it's possible. 

Shared intention  to empowering you for your own health

Lizzie Foster

Founder, Yoga Instructor, Transformational Coach

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Meet our Wellness Specialists

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